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About Mokki Eyewear

Mokki is one of the leading suppliers of eyewear in Scandinavia! The story of Mokki started over 30 years ago with a dream of designing eyewear for the Scandinavians that were surrounded by the midnight sun and snow-reflective mountains all year round. Since then we’ve grown into the brand you see today, with inspiration from international fashion trends while at the same time embracing the Scandinavian feel. Use our eyewear guide to find your perfect fit. Or continue to read to learn more about Mokki Eyewear!


Correct sunprotection for kids

With the Mokki Click & Change¬†we revolutionized¬†children’s eye health. The system has been recognized with several international awards and has been featured around the world. Safe sun protection for the very young has long been a priority, and unfortunately there are not to many great alternatives. With our licensed ¬†sunprotection-system we offer protection for every conceivable situation and activity. This way you can rest assured that your child’s eyes are well protected from dangerous sun rays.


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The glasses


Our eyewear is designed at our head office in Oslo, but produced all over the world. We are quite picky when it comes to material quality and that is why we only choose to produce with the best factories, wherever they are located. Forexample in Japan, they have been the leading country when it comes to lenses and that is why we chased down the best lens factory to work with on our eyewear. And the same goes with all of the parts that makes up the eyewear you wear.

The past year Mokki has been focusing on the Click & Change sunglasses for kids. The innovative system has already made an impact by being nominated to several prices and even winning the German Design Award as well as the Oslo Prestige Awards. The system consists of two frames with accessories in each box. The frames has two different lenses; one polarized for environments with highly reflective sun and one with BlueBlock for everyday use. The unique ergonomic fit allows the child to be comfortable as well as being safe from eye damage. And of course, the Screensafe frames, that protects against the harmful blue light emitted from the screens we surrounds us with all day. Talk about triple protection for your child!