How do I find the right glasses?
Eyewear guide to help find sunglasses and reading glasses from Mokki Eyewear

Every face is different and therefore it can feel hard to find sunglasses or reading glasses that suit you, but luckily it’s easier than you think with our eyewear guide! What fits you depends on the shape of your face. Read more and we will in the best possible way help you find your next sunglasses or reading glasses.

At Mokki we have glasses and sunglasses that fit all kinds of different faces, so you should be sure to find your perfect fit. How to choose sunglasses and how to choose glasses is easy. Follow this eyewear guide and you’ll quickly realize that it’s easier than you think to find glasses you can wear all day long.

What kind of face shape do you have?

Eyewear guide:

Round face

If the face is round we recommend choosing a square glasses model. A clear framing will provide nice dynamics on the face. We recommend steering away from small and round frames as this overshadows your natural facial features.

Oval face

If you have a so-called oval face, you are lucky, as the vast majority of glasses will fit. However, we recommend steering away from very narrow frames as this can make the face appear unnaturally tall. So feel free to experiment among all of our different models. We think big glasses work especially well!

Rectangular face

If you have a narrow face with marked cheekbones, the frame should have a low temple attachment, and preferably a round shape. The pilot is a typical model that fits your face well.

Square face

However, if you have a more square expression, a high temple mount will fit well. Avoid completely square or completely round glasses. Narrow glasses, on the other hand, will harmonize well.

Heart-shaped face

If you have a triangular or heart-shaped face, i.e. a narrow chin/jaw section, you should choose a round/oval shape. The temple mounts should be located in the middle of the eyewear. Several retro models will fit well!

Droplet-shaped face

If the jaw part is the most marked on your face and you have a narrow forehead section, then a high temple mount will fit well. Glasses that tilt towards the chin give an effect of a narrower jaw part. The most important thing is that the frame has a good width and that it is not too large or round. It should, on the other hand, be more edged.

Diamond-shaped face

If your cheekbones are the most prominent on your face, you need glasses with a softer look. Low temple attachment and rounded shapes will fit nicely. Pilot glasses, or similar, will fit well.

General advice

Choosing the right eyewear shape is all about letting your glasses play with your natural facial features. For example, large glasses will make the face smaller, and vice versa. It may also be worth noting that thick spectacles will give the illusion of a shorter face, while with thin rods the face will appear longer.

Finally, it is important to remember that the main feature of sunglasses is to protect the eyes. In sun-exposed areas, the most important thing is to use sunglasses with proper UV protection!

At Mokki Eyewear we are always up to date on the latest sunglasses trend and deliver unique Scandinavian design at a right and fair price. Still wondering which sunglasses suits your personal style? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!